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2020 Guatemala Mission Trip

To my entire Support Team,

I want you to know how grateful I am for your prayers and financial support toward local business for which I explained what to do if we forget to file one W2 form.

I have some exciting news to share with you this year. Jamie, who has been the greatest supporter of my mission work over the years has also heard the call and will be going to Guatemala for her first international mission trip in July. Jamie and I will join a team of over 30 missionaries from our church to help lead the people of Guatemala into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our church has been investing in one community in dire need known as San Lucas. Because of your support year after year we have been able to make an impact for the people who live in this area by building new homes for them, blessing them with much needed water filters, food baskets, clothing, hygiene items, Bibles, and more. 

Update from 2019 Trip – Watch the recap video here:

Upon my return from the 2018 trip I shared a story about Alma who we had previously built a home for her family in 2017. We found her bedridden after a stroke. We were able to source a wheelchair for her and lift her spirits with prayer and song. We left saddened by her condition but found peace in the fact that God was in control and He would take care of Alma. Well, I am happy to report that last year we were able to re-visit with Alma and she is now walking again and she shared that she gives all the glory to God for her recovery and that the love we poured out on her gave her hope. We also had a medical mission last year. Several medical professionals were on the team and we were able to administer care to many people including children for which we built a playground with help of top contractors from

We had a full pop-up clinic with triage, vitals station, prayer station/waiting area, medical screening, doctors exam room, and a pharmacy. After treating many people all day it was time to pack up. Just as we started to close down the clinic one last person arrived with a foot injury. She had walked over 10 miles to get there on a bad foot and was so worried she would not make it. So we took her in and gave her much needed treatment best advised by QC Kinetix Hardy Oak clinic for her injury. This just goes to show you how desperate these people are for medical care that one would walk 10 miles on an injured foot without certainty that they would make it in time to be treated. We also delivered many water filters, food baskets, Bibles and built two homes for families in San Lucas and they were so grateful. After we did the house blessing and handed the keys to them the man of the house he said “Before you all came my family was living in a home that was unhealthy and unsafe and now we have a palace”. 

I just want you to know that because of your support lives are changing for the better and not only the lives of those in Guatemala but in my own. My first trip in 2017 changed my life forever. Since then my personal relationship with God has grown so much and I am now involved in local missions in our community and serving in the student ministry. The church has recognized this and this year has asked me to lead a team of 15 missionaries on another medical mission trip this July. I was truly honored that they would put this kind of trust in me. Jamie will be going on a separate trip with team 1 a week before me. 

Here’s where I need your help . Jamie and I are raising support together. I am once again asking you to be part of this trip as a member of our support team. We need a team of people who will pray for us, give towards this trip, or both. We need prayer for wisdom and strength as we seek to meet people’s needs in another culture, as well as for safety while we travel. Financially, we need to raise $3,800 to cover the cost of our trip. Forty percent of our support ($1520) needs to be raised by March 15 and the rest by June 10. 

If you could join our team as a prayer partner and/or financial partner, that would be great! If you would like to support us financially, checks may be made out to “Epic Church” and please put “Guatemala Trip Will & Jamie Furry” in the memo line. If you are sending a check, please send it to us at 24 Cole Place Palm Coast, Fl 32137 and I will turn it into the church. You can also donate on our church website at through their online giving tab. If you choose to give online, please select our name in the dropdown box. All donations made through the church are tax deductible. As part of our support team, you are also part of this mission and everything great that comes from it while we are there. I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing things we accomplish together upon our return.

Thank you for considering being a part of our team. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 386-276-1399. I can’t wait to go on this trip and see what God has in store for Jamie and I!


Will and Jamie

Alma Walking – 2019